Traffic Law

At Able Defence Lawyers our traffic and DUI lawyers are fighting on behalf of people charged with traffic offences under the Road Safety Act, Transport Act and other driving and traffic laws. Whether you’ve been caught drink driving, driving on a suspended or disqualified licence, or been charged with careless or dangerous driving we can help. If you need a work licence or hardship licence our expert driving lawyers will help give you the best chance. Our Traffic and DUI Lawyers, can advise you in regard to charges such as:

  • Drink Driving Offences (DUI): Novice range drink driving offences, Special range drink driving offences,
  • Low range PCA, Mid range PCA, High Range PCA, Drink Driving Penalties
  • Hoon offences
  • Dangerous driving: dangerous driving occasioning death, dangerous driving occasioning serious bodily harm, aggravated dangerous driving occasioning serious bodily harm
  • Drug driving
  • Reckless driving
  • We can also help with:
  • Interlock driving program for habitual drink driving offenders
  • Licence loss: licence disqualification, licence appeals, work licences, driving while disqualified, license suspensions for unpaid fines, restricted licences
  • Speeding Fines, Traffic Camera Offences, Traffic Violations
  • Trucks Heavy Vehicles

We understand how important your licence is to your job, your family and your freedom. Our traffic lawyers will investigate your case, help prepare you for your Court appearance and argue strongly on your behalf.

We know driving and traffic law in and out and know how to get the best result possible for you.

Contact us to discuss your matter.